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Useful Links and Info

BMYBitTraderDerek Trotter
  • 21 Feb '18

A thread containing links to useful web sites, particularly relating to currency trading.

1) Trading lessons, information, tips, strategies and advice.

2) Reference Manuals

3) Trading Tools

4) Trading and Crypto News and Info

BMYBitTraderDerek Trotter
  • 21 Feb '18


If you're new to trading or need to brush up on your skills, the course is a must. It's free with tests at the end of each section.


BMYBitTraderDerek Trotter
  • 21 Feb '18


This site really has everything you can think of. It does live up to it's encylopedic description.

The newsletter is worth signing up for. Very informative unlike most newsletters online.

belphegorySir Belphegory
  • 1
  • 23 Feb '18

Telegram Group for Crypto news:
Very nice news group...updated several times a day!

Telegram Groups:
Data Dash Alert Channel:
Its Data Dash....need I say more? :)

Kairypto Channel:
This guy gives nice tips and alerts with solid advice....

MarioMario Stumpo
  • 25 Feb '18

Hello guys! That’s a great thread actually. We should collect many other useful info and share them in a compact post. Let’s try to involve the other users too. The BmyBit chat can be a good place to start from :)

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