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Using Standard Deviation and Harmonic Mean to create strategies

BMYBitTraderDerek Trotter
  • 6 Feb '18

Could somebody help explain the correct way to use:

a) harmonic mean


b) st deviation

when creating strategies.

I've been doing this:

st deviation/harmonic mean x 100 (to get a perentage) and using this to form my min profit % steps.

However, this is probably complete nonsense so any advice (with example) would be greatly appreciated.


MarioMario Stumpo
  • 15 Feb '18

It is actually a good way to analyse the trend. Anyway, I would invite you to look at investopedia.com (it is a great source of info)

BMYBitTraderDerek Trotter
  • 21 Feb '18

Yes, thanks. I use investopedia.com a lot. It is really useful as you say. I will start a "Useful Links" thread shortly for users to refer to.

MarioMario Stumpo
  • 25 Feb '18

That’s great !

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