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Suggestion - Trading Data Page

ammbyrneAndy Byrne
  • 4 Dec '17

Some suggestions for the TD page:

  1. Create new tab and allow users to archive Closed strategies. Otherwise, uses cookies to remember if the hide closed checkbox was selected each time the page loads.
  2. Maybe have a dropdown, multi-select droplist for just look at certain exchanges. Or some checkboxes.
  3. What times are being shown? UK, local, etc? Perhaps clear this up by saying all times are based on X.
  4. Which strategy is getting close to being used up and how many days are left? Perhaps those changing soon should have a different colour?
  5. Export to CSV (or similar) option would be useful.
MarioMario Stumpo
  • 6 Dec '17

Hello Andy, thank you so much for this.

We are making some adjustments to our back-end and data base before implementing the new UI that will make the journey easier.

  • We will certainly allow the download of the statements in both pdf and csv.
  • We run by UK time, but this will also be fixed.

We all really appreciate the feedback of our customers and we look forward to hear back from you as soon as we make the modifications of above.

BurtscoinBurt Parsons
  • 9 Dec '17

All great points Andy! I can't wait to see the new UI Mario. The site is getting better and better. Things are coming along nicely :-)

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