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New landing page! 10 BMYC for feedback

MarioMario Stumpo
  • 20 Oct '17


We are happy to present you our new landing page (when non logged). I hope you will like the many sections.

The first 10 unique feedback will receive 10 BMYC

Thank you so much, guys!

MarioMario Stumpo
  • 20 Oct '17

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CocwgCeri Griffiths
  • 20 Oct '17

'No deposit required and no fees based on initial investments and <profits scored>.'

maybe use :

profits achieved?

'Due to security purposes, we do not allow withdrawals*

*In order to avoid hackers attacks, your funds cannot be transferred without your consent'

Maybe consider :

To maintain the highest level of security, we do not utilise the withdrawal function
to avoid unauthorised and malicious access from third-parties.

Step 1

An <a>pplication <p>rogramming <i>nterface key (API key) is a code <passed in> by computer programs
calling <an application programming interface (API)> to identify the calling program, its developer, or its user to the Web site.

<Every> digital exchange <provide> API keys to their <customers>.
Maybe use :

Each digital exchage provides API keys to their users?

Use caps to introduce the acronym (API). The closing of the bracket should be before the key and not behind it,
you are not introducing the word key only the (API) key.

<passed in> consider 'utilised'?

As you have already introduced the acronym (API) you do not have to write it out in full yet again, simply use API.
Hence, <an application programming interface (API)> becomes simply 'calling the API'

Step 2
1) Pick a booming pair - Not sure the use of the word 'booming' here is appropriate,
it depends what you want to say exactly:
Exciting? Volatile? Rising? What? How about using the word 'Choose', rather than 'pick'

2) Decide the size and the risk of 'yourinvestment'
Space between your and investment

Footer : Under Arbitrage

Automatic simultaneous buying and selling of assets in different markets
in order to take advantage of
differing prices for <the same> asset.

Maybe change to : differing prices for <that> asset. In fact that whole sentence is quite messy.
maybe something like :

Automatic and simultaneous buying and selling of multiple/different assets across multiple/different
exchanges to take advantage of price differentiation.

*Note here that you have used 'different markets' ; on the home page you use 'multiple markets'.

Decide which describes what? Hence maybe use 'differing' to describe 'assets' and 'multiple' to describe 'markets'*

  • or is it exhanges? Consistency in usage?

Step 3

change 'anonimously' to anonymously

'yourself, the' - should become: youself. The

Consider changing the comma to a fullstop (period) as you are introducing a new subject

On the sign Up page

Consider changing 'Trade multiple digital assets exchanges'
to Trade multiple digital assets across different exchanges

Just my thoughts to tidy up the language a bit. I didn't go any deeper than that, as I have other tasks on my list today and you did say home page? If you want me to look deeper I can but not right now. Hope this helps

..and you won't ban me for any perceived contriteness ;)



BurtscoinBurt Parsons
  • 21 Oct '17

Ceri (Cocwg) has a great eye and made some good points. I don't have much time right now but I'll start with the first couple of things that Ceri has noticed. If I had the job of writing or editing the copy on your website, I would reword it as follows.

Change This: No deposit required and no fees based on initial investments and profits scored
To This: No deposit required and no fees based on initial investments or profits earned

Change This: Due to security purposes, we do not allow withdrawals
To This: For security reasons we do not allow withdrawals through our site

Change This: In order to avoid hackers attacks, your funds cannot be transferred without your consent
To This: In order to avoid any potential threats from malicious hackers, your funds cannot be transferred without your consent

I'll posts more ideas soon after I've had more time to look it over. The site is looking really good and progressing nicely. Keep up the great work!


CocwgCeri Griffiths
  • 21 Oct '17

Hey Burt thanks for the props.

How did you know I only had one eye ? ;)



BurtscoinBurt Parsons
  • 1
  • 21 Oct '17

@Cocwg said:
Hey Burt thanks for the props.

How did you know I only had one eye ? ;)



Lol... I guess I got that old saying while growing up. I remember that whenever I would see or notice something that other people hadn't noticed, people would always say, "Good eye Burt!" Guess I only have one eye too ha ha :-)

BurtscoinBurt Parsons
  • 22 Oct '17

I do see what Ceri is talking about in the steps as well. I would clean it up a little so it is easier to read. On the first step especially, I would simplify it quite a bit. I'd leave out most of the technical details. Many times too much technical jargon will only serve to confuse the average person. I would just quickly explain what API's are being used for in the PATS system, which if I understand correctly is basically just for authentication and authorization for the PATS system to place buy/sell orders on the user's behalf.

I'll quickly rewrite the steps below. This is the way I would write them if I had the job of writing or editing your content.

Step 1
Connect via API Keys
Use your API Keys to connect PATS with multiple exchanges
An application programming interface key (API key) is a bit of computer code used as a unique identifier and a secret token for authentication. In simple terms your API key identifies you as the owner of your trading account and gives the PATS system permission to place buy/sell orders on your behalf based on the parameter settings you provide in the system. All digital exchanges provide API keys to their customers and can usually be found on the settings page.

Step 2
Start Trading
Select your parameters
1) Select the trading pair (BTC/ETH for example)
2) Decide the size of your investment and the risk level you are comfortable with
3) Start your Automated Trading Strategy

Step 3
Track Your Profits
Easily track all of your trading data

Quickly view all of your trading details and performance stats on one easy to use tracking page.

Your trading parameters stay anonymously stored and can be accessed only by you. To make things even more fun and exciting, the overall average profits (scores) of your automated strategies are contributed to our "Leaderboard" page and are visible to anyone using the system. Can you reach the #1 spot?

Okay, that's my quick edited version of the three steps on the landing page. Of course these are just my own personal thoughts of how I would like to see it written. You are more than welcome to use what I wrote in any way you see fit or simply ignore it. I'm just trying to help out a little if I can. Happy trading! :-)


kruttikKruttik Aggarwal
  • 23 Oct '17

Wow. Great Comments. The site looks good.

My (as a web application developer) 2 cents-

  • Logo
    Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.51.58 PM.png
    The logo font could be better. It can be stylish or formal but it needs to be a thicker font. Check out the following exchange fonts and you will notice that they are all wide fonts-
    I like the play on the inverted 'Y' in the logo but the red and grey combination doesnt pop as much as it should.

  • Color Theme
    Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.42.55 PM.png
    I see multiple colors on the home page-
    Grey & Red (logo)
    White (background)
    Green (splash)
    Blue (stripe)
    A general rule of thumb in UX is to stick to 1-2 main colors and 1 contrast. Of course the rule can be broken but it should be apparent and visually obvious. I personally like the following themes
    green/white (orange contrast)
    green/grey (orange contrast)

  • Font Design
    There seems to be multiple font CSS applied to the page-
    h2 (30px) bold
    li (14px) bold
    h2 (30px) regular
    h3 (24px)
    p (14px) bold

..and multiple font colors
grey over white background
white over green background
black over white background
white over blue background

I feel using too many font sizes and font weights in the same section (see green splash section) makes the site look amateurish.

  • Diagrams/Infographics
    Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.09.11 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.09.06 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.08.58 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.08.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.08.46 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.08.39 PM.png
    The images will look sharper if they are converted to mono-chrome. The logos can be there but just in mono-chrome color format. This will make the site look much more professional and consistent.

  • General Comments
    Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.11.35 PM.png
    The hover state css of the button isnt working properly.

  • 1
  • 31 Oct '17

Everything looks pretty good and slick Overall. One thing I noticed just on initial overlook was that the arbitrage description underneath the bitcoin symbol (On the bottom 3rd of the page, against the blue background) appears as slightly offset in my browser. (Chrome on Windows 7) An easy suggestion to change it would be put arbitrage on the outside along with Rest API, and cloud-based and No deposit required in between, just to remove the possibility of slight visual illusion

ashAsh Stu
  • 2 Nov '17

I'm not feeling the seagulls? flying around the sun? :-)

  • 4 Nov '17

I like the look and feel of the new landing page. I can't wait for the arbitrage feature as well! Good work guys!!

  • 9 Nov '17

new login page is awesome, looks more professional and up to date design than the first one. If I'm a new comer I'll sure will look around as the landing page is more attractive now. Keep up the good work.

goldingOve Teigan
  • 9 Nov '17

Hey!Looking Great........

ArupianMuhammad Maruf
  • 15 Nov '17

Woow good job ...

bcashbobby aditya
  • 11 Dec '17

wow, amazing program. like it

BurtscoinBurt Parsons
  • 12 Dec '17

It really is a great place to trade Bobby. I like it too!

  • 13 Dec '17

where's the reward?

rolexrRolex Reyes
  • 13 Dec '17

Hi, there's a misspelled word in the "How it works" category on the Static trading strategy 1.2 Performance tab specifically on the 2nd paragraph where the word know has been spelled as konw.

tunhaTu Nguyen Huynh Anh
  • 14 Dec '17

I like the look and feel of the new landing page

It really is a great place to trade. I like it !

BurtscoinBurt Parsons
  • 17 Dec '17

@fando01 said:
where's the reward?

Hello fando01. Please use the dropdown list in the upper right corner of the screen by your name and select "Private Topic." Then post the private topic to Mario Stumpo and he can help you with this :-)


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