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BmyBit guides

  • 25 Sep '17

Hello guys!

We've created some easy guides that will help you to take your first steps in BmyBit! :)

-This is the first part of our manual that will drive you through all our pages

-How to copy-paste your APIs from Gdax

-How to copy-paste your APIs from Poloniex

Coming soon new guides :)


MarioMario Stumpo
  • 25 Sep '17

This topic has been pinned.

MarioMario Stumpo
  • 25 Sep '17

This topic has been pinned.

BurtscoinBurt Parsons
  • 25 Sep '17

Thank you. Good clean layout. Can't wait for complete manual, hopefully with more detailed and advanced information for us who like the technical aspects of everything. When I signed up I needed something like this but I realize I was one of the first 100 people to start using PATS and could tell this was a new site still in development. I'm glad I got in early and look forward to all the new exciting things your team will be adding in the future. Keep up the great work! BmyBit is a great company and I can already tell it will become one of the leaders in this space. Thank you for listening to your users and continuing to improve upon the site. Also thank you for keeping your prices fair and affordable. I see great things in the future for your company and all of us users :-)

  • 25 Sep '17

Thank you so much!
New manuals with more technical aspects will be created and shared with all of you, and new exciting things coming soon! :)

belphegorySir Belphegory
  • 1 Jan '18

Thanks for creating these......now please update the guides for 2018....specifically Arbitrage. :)

jimronjimmy ron
  • 11 May '18

how do i use arbitrage? theres no clear section to set it up anywhere.

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